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The Trojan Dive Club, an elite age group diving program, is one of 7 Podium Programs for USA Diving in the country. Our main objective is to teach proper diving techniques, improve physical fitness, build mental toughness and self-esteem through the sport of diving. During this process we strive to guide athletes of all ages to achieve their personal goals and set them on a course to reach their full potential in life. We welcome divers of all levels and disciplines; from novice to Olympians as well as cliff divers and masters.


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2015 Trojan Dive Camp Has Many Fun, Rewarding Days

June 28, 2015

Happy campers in front of the Dr. Sammy Lee Tower

Happy campers in front of the Dr. Sammy Lee Tower.

2014 J.O. Zones: 8 Trojan Divers Advance to J.O. Nationals
and Age Group Nationals --- Capture 2 Zone Championships

July 10-13, 2014

Sophia MacAffee
Olivia Rosendahl Caroly Souza Walker Creedon
Brighida Rosendahl Jacob Haim Max Valasek
Dash Glasberg

Congratulations to Sohpia M., J.O. Zone 12-13 Girls Platform and 1m Champion! Also advancing are Olivia (16-18 Girls), Carly (16-18 Girls), Walker (14-15 Boys), Bridgi (14-15 Girls), Max (12-13 Boys), Jacob (12-13 Boys), and Dash (11 & Under Boys). A wonderful showing with nearly all who competed at zones advancing. Next stop... Knoxville, TN!

2014 Learn To Dive Summer Program

July 5 - August 12, 2014

Learn To Dive summer classes are NOW being held at the new Uytengsu Aquatics Center, an Olympic-class facility located at 1026 W. 34th Street at the University of Southern California, the site of the 1984 Olympic Games. Space is limited so make your reservation now by calling the program director at (213) 740-8445 or emailing Coach Hongping Li.

Lesson Schedule:

Tuesdays: 4:30 to 6:00 pm
Saturdays: 2:00 to 3:30 pm

Click here for More Details

2014 Trojan Dive Camp A Sucess

June 28, 2014

2014 Camp Photo

A wonderful camp photo in front of the new Dr. Sammy Lee Tower.
General consensus ... One More Week!

Dryland Facility and Dr. Sammy Lee Dive Tower Now Operational

June 21, 2014

Dr. Sammy Lee Dive Tower

USA Diving Winter National Champion - Haley Ishimatsu

December, 2012

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Trojan Dive Club Divers Win Gold at 2012 USA Junior National Diving Championships

Greensboro, NC, August 14-19, 2012

Davis Flanders - 2012 USA Diving National Championships 11 & Under Age Group 1m springboard Champion

2012 USA Senior Diving National Championships Platform Finalist

Greensboro, NC, August 1-6, 2012

Olivia Rosendahl finished in the top 10.

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2011 USA Senior National Championships Bronze Medalists

Los Angeles, CA,  August 8-13, 2011

Haley and Victoria Ishimatsu placed 3rd in the 10m platform synchronized event at the USA Senior National Championships. Way to go, Haley and Tori!


August 2013


2013 USA Junior National Championships

Our Trojan Divers:

11 & Under:

Dash Glasberg, Sophie McAfee, Jacob Haim


Max Valasek, Davis Flanders


Brighidal Rosendahl, Carly Sauza, Walker Creedon, Paige Ricahardson


Olivia Rosendahl, Dashiell Enos


All had an excellent showing at the USA Diving Age Group and JO National Championships. Ten of them have made to the finals and contributed a great deal of team points for the team to earn an overall THIRD place in the nation.


A special congratulations to our National Champions:

Dashiell Enos who captured two gold medals on the 3m and platform Synchro events with Mark Anderson

Olivia Rosendahl for winning the 1m event.


A job well done by all of the participants!


August 2012


2012 USA JO National Championships

Let us all cheer and give a big congratulations to our JO National Championships participants. Particularly to our winner, second time earned his National Championship title, Davis Flanders


Here is the highlight of results

11 &Uunder

Davis Flanders- Champion on 1m, 3rd on platform and 4th on 3m


Walker Creedom- finals on both 3m and platform events


Olivia Rosendahl- finals on platform


August 2012


2012 USC Senior National Championships

Olivia Rosendahl-platform finalist

Olivia Rosendahl and Lisa Li-3m springboard synchro finalists


December 2011


2011 USA National Winter Championships

Haley Ishimatsu captured her USA Diving National Champion on 10m platform in Knoxville, TN in December of 2011. This is Haley's career second win at the USA Diving National. Haley is named the World Cup Team base on her winning performance to compete in London in February, 2012. Congratulations!


Tory Ishimatsu finished 11th on the 3m springboard which qualified her to the Olympic Trials in Seattle in June, 2012.


August 2011


2011 USA JO National Championships

Let us all cheer and give a big congratulations to our JO National Championships participants. Particularly to our winner, first time earned his National Championship title, Davis Flanders

Here is the completed results

11 & under:

Davis Flanders- Champion on platform (a big lead of 17 points from the second place), 5th on 1m and 8th on 3m


Brighida Rosendahl- Bronze on platform(personal best performance), 31st on 1m and 3m

Walker Creedon - 17th on platform, 18th on 1m and 24th on 3m (will see Walker in finals next year)

Cole Flanders-19th on 3m, 23rd on platform (will see Cole in finals next year)


Olivia Rosendahl-6th on platform (best vol), 7th on 3m synchro with Lisa Li, 7th on 1m (personal best) and 16th on 3m


Jacqui Suitt-22nd on platform (using a completed new set of optional dives learned this year)


August 2010


2010 USA JO National Championships

 The Trojan Dive Club brought back home with the Girls Team Championship Title and a combined Girls and Boys (only Tarek competing on one event) team third place.


Congratulations to all participants. A job well done! we are very proud of you!

 Here are the top results:

11 and Under:

Daria Lenz (Gold 1m, Silver platform, 4th 3m)

Briget Rosendohl (Silver, 3m, Bronze platform, 6 1m)


Madison Witts (Bronze platform, 5th 1m)


Tarek Abdelghany (6th platform)

Olivia Rosendohal (4th platform, 10th 3m)

Raquel Corniuk (11th platform, 7th platform synchro with Lisa Li, Deliang's daughter)


Annika Lenz (Silver platform - Jr. World Championship Team, 9th 1m)

Cosima Lenz (7th platform)

Jacqui Suitt (24th platform - A 5 Stars personal performance)


April 2010


2010 USA Diving Western National Championships

At the 2010 Western National Diving Championships held in Portland, Oregon in April 2010, Tarek Abdelghany 14-15 and Briget Rosendahl 11 and under  won the platform and 1m events. Other three divers, Olivia Rosendahl, Raquel Corniuk 14-15, and Madison Witt 12-13 had a nice showing. For a completed results please visit www.divemeets.com


August 2009


2009 USA Age Group and JO National Championships

With only 8 divers contributed the team points at the 2009 USA JO National Championships held in Moultrie, GA in August, the Trojan Dive Club brought home the very first National Team Title in the history. Congratulations to all participants! for more details of the individual and team standings, please go to www.divemeets.com


August 2009


2009 FINA World Championships

Haley Ishimatsu and her partner Mary Beth won the silver medal in the ten meter platform synchronized diving event.

Ariel Rittenhouse had her personal best performance placing 5th in the three meter springboard event.

Ariel Rittenhouse and Haley Ishimatsu with their synchronized partner, Kelci Bryan and Mary Beth dominated the women's3m and 10m synchronized events at the World Championships selection camp held in Ft. Lauderdale in May. Both Ariel and Haley had already named to the world team by qualifying on their individual events in February.


July 2009


Summer Regional Chapionships

12 Trojan divers participated in the Region 9 and 2 competed in Region 10 and all 14 have qualified to Zone in July.

Congratulations to all our winners:

  • Daria Lenz (11 & under 3m)/li>
  • Olivia Rosendhal (12-13 1m & 3m)
  • Tarek Abdelghany (12-13 1m)
  • Annika Lenz (14-15 1m & 3m)
  • Cosima Lenz (16-18 3m)
  • Felicitas Lenz (16-18 1m)

A special note  to Liana Diamond,  who qualified for both boards to Zone first time since she has been with the Trojans for 9 years.